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LaunchIt NOW! Plus 2006
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LaunchIt NOW!
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Why waste your valuable time searching for the programs, files, folders and favorite URLs you want to open if you can have them always at hand, organized and ready to be launched? Why don't you start using LaunchIt NOW! Plus? It's very easy to use and you can have it up and running in no time.
LaunchIt NOW! Plus allows you to:
  • have a multi-desktop-like window with full-size icons and labels always at hand, just a hotkey away or docked to any screen edge.

  • organize in multiple user-defined Tabs all your frequently used tools and applications, all kinds of files, folders and favorite URLs for easy launching.

  • define an un-limited number of Tabs and add an un-limited number of shortcuts to them.

  • quickly open files, display folder contents, jump to Web sites, see images or hear sound files.

  • associate the program and/or the 'Show Desktop' command to any or both of the 'Windows Logo' keys.

  • create shortcuts to all of your virtual items in the Control Panel and My Computer special folders.

  • remove desktop clutter and speed up daily and repetitive tasks, thereby allows you to achieve maximum efficiency in your work.

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  • it will monitor your Desktop, Quick Launch, Internet Favorites, My Documents, My Music and My Pictures paths so you can immediately organize any newly added items.

  • is 100% compatible with all 32-bit Windows versions.

  • supports Add-Ons, small and very useful tools designed to extend the product's functionality. Already available are: Shutdown NOW! (to quickly Turn Off, Restart, Log Off, etc. your system), Cleanup NOW! (to remove any evidence of your work or Internet activities) and RevealPassword NOW! (to recover passwords behind a row of '*****' asterisks).

  • supports full Windows Shell integration (e.g., drag & drop and shell
    context menu) for quickly adding shortcuts to files, folders and
    shell objects directly from the Windows Explorer.

  • supports Windows XP themes, multiple monitors and virtual screen.

  • it can be fully configurable and customizable on a per-user basis.

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LaunchIt NOW! Plus will be a huge time saver when using your computer and it will definitely help you improve your organization and productivity.  Enjoy this desktop enhancement tool!

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